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What is a Competency Based Interview?

Why use this kind of interview?

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A Competency Based Interview (sometimes known as a Behavioural Interview) is a method of interviewing where the prospective employer will ask questions designed to show that the candidate has the competencies required for the job. The interviewer will ask you for specific examples of situations where you have demonstrated certain competencies in the past.

A competency is a particular skill or attribute that can be applied within a workplace. Competency Based Interviews work on the basis that skills are transferable, so if you have demonstrated a competency before, even in a completely different job, this can be a good indication of how you will behave in future.

Competency Based Interviews sound simple, but are actually a structured and complex way of determining an applicant’s suitability for a post. More and more employers are using Competency Based Interviews for selection, and finding it to be the best way to find the right people for the job. Attending this type of interview without any preparation often results in failure, even if the candidate is qualified and capable.

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